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About Us:

In 1994, six local citizens began meeting monthly to discuss the possibility of forming a local community foundation and endowment to:

  1. address emerging needs in the community
  2. provide a charitable organization that could possibly receive larger estate dollars

In the five years prior to 1994, two large estates had bequeathed their charitable funds to Billings organizations, possibly because there was no local organization that could handle such a bequest.  Both of those estates had belonged to life-long citizens of the Musselshell Valley.  Even if they had still opted to give to the out of town organizations because of personal ties, that still left our area without a means of receiving large donations to benefit organizations in the Musselshell Valley.  A long-term vision and endless need had to be met.

Our Partnerships

MVCF also encourages cooperation among local organizations.  We have sponsored fundraising and grant-writing seminars, and acted as a fiscal sponsor for special projects.  Four highly visible efforts have been: the Community Stage, a permanent venue at the city park that is available for all organizations to utilize; the award winning Riverwalk Park and Heritage Trail project along the river south of town; the annual Roundup Independence Day Extravaganza (RIDE) which is a 3-4 day festival celebrating the 4th of July; and the Musselshell County Recovery Team (MCRT) which formed following the devastating floods in the Spring of 2011 and continued after the wildfires of 2012. An earlier affiliation in 1999 – 2001 was with the Neighbors for a New Pool, who successfully raised more than $350,000.00 dollars to build a new pool and renovate the bathhouse.

Our Endowment

MVCF’s endowment fund balance (as of November, 2017) is approximately $282,488.22 and growing.  A portion of the annual interest earned from the endowment is given each year to area projects through a competitive grant program.  Grants have ranged from $250 to $4,000.  Please visit our Grant Recipient page to view past awards.

Grants are awarded in one of the five focus areas:

  1. Community Enhancement
  2. Recreational and Cultural Development
  3. Youth Activities
  4. Natural Resources
  5. Community Education

Grants are now awarded on a quarterly basis.
Applications will be accepted November 1st, February 1st, May 1st, and August 1st of each year.