Board Members:

Left to Right: Mike Morgan, Monty Sealey, Mark Rosebush, Bill Milton, Linda Picchioni, Darcy Dutton, Roberta Hagstrom, Jay Newell and Kelly Gebhardt. (Not pictured – Nicole Borner)


President: Kelly Gebhardt
Born April 5, 1953 in Wolf Point, MT, Kelly was raised on East Parrott Creek. He attended school in Roundup and then college at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, OR.

Vice-President: Roberta Hagstrom
Roberta is a retired educator who is involved with various community organizations, among them are P.E.O. and the recently formed Roundup Community Partners.

Secretary: Linda Picchioni
Linda is a local business leader and a board member of the Musselshell Valley Historical Museum. She also volunteers her musical talents for the Extended Care Unit of Roundup Memorial Healthcare.

Treasurer: Jay Newell
Jay is a Fish, Wildlife and Parks Biologist and an avid hunter. He line judges volleyball games and keeps books at basketball games.


Darcy Dutton
Darcy is a member of the Roundup Community Library Board and a member of the RIDE committee. She enjoys working with children, sewing and doing crafts, and anything outdoors.

Monty Sealey
Monty is the Executive Director of the Central Montana RC&D, Inc., a very busy musician and a local business leader.

Mark Rosebush
Mark is a dentist with offices in Billings and Roundup. He enjoys helping with high school basketball.

Bill Milton
Bill is a local rancher, professional facilitator, school board member, local watershed coordinator, and Chair of the Arts and Culture Committee.

Nicole Borner
Nicole is a local volunteer and small business owner. She enjoys the great outdoors, is an avid gardener, keeper of bees and loves to hike with her dogs.

Mike Morgan
Mike is an active member of the RIDE committee and The Musselshell County Food Bank committee.  He enjoys being involved in projects that benefit where he lives. Mike and his wife, Lulu, moved to the county from Nashville, Tennessee, in 2003.